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Poster: Dudley Dead Date: May 14, 2019 8:39am
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Spring tour 91 - Uniondale , still no Bruce

Another run with no Hornsby . Sometimes Vince is good, sometime no . Nothing mind blowing in most of the first set but it is well played and they seem on . Several people have mentioned how good Phil is in this show . The set ends big with another “Ruben and Cherise” .
The second set looks good on paper, and so it is in sound . Good “Scarlet>Fire “, but not as good as the Landover one , Vince is annoying on the SBD . “Estimated” has a long jam, after Bob’s vocal stuff. Get that great Phil & Jerry dance going on . A heartwarming “UJB” follows , with a full jam at the end , Out of the drums Garcia comes sounding ominous . After some tortured terrain, we build to Watchtower . This is a good one, not too hurried, or crowded . Lots of notes, but not too many . Tonight the do Dylan’s pocket apocalypse proud . “Stella is fine, with some beautiful stuff from Garcia at the end . Bob give us his best “end the show song”, “Sugar Magnolia “ , and it too is a good one . The “Box of Rain” encore seem a bit better than the last one one the 21st .
Maybe not an epic show, but a very good one .
Highlights : “Ruben”, all of set 2, but the standouts are “UJB” , and that “space>Watchtower” .
Miller 24bit SBD
This Keo 24 bit is the best AUD for speaker listening . On head phones Jerry’s guitar can feel like needles in the ears .
I usually avoid posting the vids but in the you can see he is playin his old “Wolf” at this show .

This is a short mostly uninspired show . According to one comment, they had run overtime the night before and got screwed by the union . So there was a bad odour hanging over the night . I does seem like they are in hurry . The “Let It Grow at the end of the first set gains a little extra edge from this ! That said there is a nice “BT Wind” mid set .
I guess the “Victim” that starts the second set fits Bob’s surely mood . But it sounds more like a rehearsal to me, The boys are trying . love “Foolish Heart” , but I don’t love what Vice is playing here, sounds like a cheap calliope, but not in a good way .Poor Vince . “Women Smarter” an attempt to jump start things, ok, but no jam into drums tonight . Fuck it . As is ofter when the band is limping, the drummers kick it up a notch . The band seem to pick it up post drums .Out of “space” comes the best song of the night , “China Doll” .Garcia really gives it his all . This followed by a bouncy “GDTRFB”, and “Good Loving” (Bob doesn’t worry it too much) to end this show .
Realizing they they have come up short, they dish out a rarity for the encore, “Terrapin ,which hadn’t been played in this spot since 78, I believe . Sort of interesting .
Not the most inspired night for the guys, but there are moments .
Highlights : “China Doll” ,”Terrapin” encore, for the novelty .
To my ear, the best AUD is this one by Andrew F.
24 bit SBD, Mr. Miller, of course

The band rallies from the just ok show from the previous night . But it sounds like they are holding the fort, till Bruce gets home . “Stranger” is good right out of the box . “Sugaree” keeps it going . “Dire Wolf” is always fun . “Masterpiece” gets cut off by PA problems, and they take their break here .
Set two stars off ok, but really gets down to business with another “New Speedway”, “Trucking’” is a nice choice to flow out of it .Vince is actually sounds ok here .The jam smells of “Other One”, which they slip into after a “the thrilling sound of the space age” sort of “space” . Like the previous “Others Ones” of the period, they spend a little more quality time with it . This flows more naturally than usual into its common partner, “Wharf Rat” . A reflective one, again with Garcias solos being more restrained as seems to be the norm for the period . “Throwing Stones>Touch” , and a “Breakdown” encore end the show in a good mood .
Maybe not stellar, but a big improvement form the night before .
Highlights : “Stranger>Sugaree” , New Speedway>Truckin’ “, “space>Other One “
Charlie Miller has half the listings for this show , 7 of 14 !
Like this one best .
Also like this AUD, from Andrew F .

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Poster: c-freedom Date: May 17, 2019 5:41pm
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: Spring tour 91 - Uniondale , still no Bruce

The word after the Terrapin encore show was that Jerry & Bob
were doing a late show appearance in the city.
But it doesn't show up on this list:
I thought the show was good
but I was seriously in the minority
talking with folks after the show
on Shakedown Street that night.

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Poster: craven714 Date: May 14, 2019 2:37pm
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: Spring tour 91 - Uniondale , still no Bruce

you doing the1991 project? Been there. The only year listening in order. I saw the GD mostly in 91. I was lucky enough to catch Bruuuuuuuuuuuce at every show. Big difference imo. Bruce can be a little ham-handed at times. But, he is the master of the keys, and his little teases, and the big ol smiles Jerry and he traded made it warmer. Especially the looks they had when Bobby broke out the slide. Jerry would smile it Bruce and just laugh and shrug the shoulders as if to say, "who's gonna stop him? not me".

Totally agree with you DD, those 1st shows are like the first episodes of Breaking Bad. You'll get through and it gets better. Look forward to April shows.
And just another note~ I listened to every 91 Speedway.
(trying to get my band to play it)
Those first ones are rough if l remember correctly. Caught one in Deer Creek coming out of Truckin, it was nice, but lets just say like the GD, uuuhhhhhhhh... not one of those is the same.
Thanks for the updates. WTG DD (~):})

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Poster: Dudley Dead Date: May 14, 2019 6:43pm
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: Spring tour 91 - Uniondale , still no Bruce

Thanks for reading . I'm just going to do the Spring tour . I ho arou d years a do a tour a t a time ,in my Dead listening . These write ups force me to think about it more, have some fun geeking out,and maybe point out some shows that might have been overlooked .